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I’ll Drink to That

May 17th, 2012 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

When I was in college, my week in weight loss was always the same.  Monday would come along, a fresh slate.  I’d eat all wholesome foods and get in a good workout.  That would last about four days.  Then “Thirsty Thursday” would roll around.  That was usually my downfall.  I’d go out, get drunk, eat pizza, and wake up feeling gross the next morning.  I’d usually decide the week was ruined, and then get back on the horse come Monday.


As an “adult”, I don’t really go out much anymore.  I don’t drink to get drunk much anymore, but I do drink casually much more than I used to.  Don’t get me wrong, drinking is always bad for you.  If you want to give up all alcohol, then more power to you.  I think, though, that moderation is key.  Drink slowly, and drink lots of water in addition to alcohol.  This will really help minimize your hangover the next day, too, so you’ll feel good enough to hit the gym the next morning and a night out won’t derail your whole week.

When I drink, I try to stick to lower calorie options.  Wine and light beer are good options.  If you prefer liquor, choose calorie-free mixers.  Vodka soda is my go-to, but rum and diet cokes are good.  If the bar’s not to crowded and the bartender can pay me a little more attention, I’ll often get a vodka soda with a splash of fruit juice and a slice of fruit.  It has a little more flavor while still being relatively guilt-free.  When I really want a sugary cocktail (I love me some margaritas…), I try to stick to one, and have it slowly as my first drink to really enjoy it.  Too many of those will give me a killer hangover, anyways.

Do you try to stay healthy when you go out?  What are your tips?


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